Chris Malone




Chris has been a partner with YOUtheatre since 2012 and previously ran a theatre company in Zimbabwe.

Chris can normally be found in the Director's chair for YOUtheatre and other local theatre groups in the area.

About Us

Quite simply, we like to put on good it old, current, new or  original work, scouting the local community in Surrey for…well, YOU…the ones with talent, a spark and a general knack for the theatre really!


Founded in early 2009 YOUtheatre is the fusion of three artistic partners, all of whom work or have worked in theatre or the arts for many years, have trained in performing arts, or regularly take part in theatre themselves - on stage and off!


We offer our members (older and younger) the opportunities to explore their full potential through a range of different workshops and/or performances – learning new drama skills, stagecraft, dance and so much more all whilst having the greatest fun in the process!


We produce a number of plays or small scale musical shows during the year and then kick every new year off with our spectacular annual pantomimes at the wonderful Epsom Playhouse every January.


So whether you enjoy art, dance, music, acting, and stagecraft - you set your own arts challenges, explore local arts activities and the professional arts world, and undertake a leadership project with YOUtheatre!

Meet the YOUtheatre Team

Graeme Long

Partner &

Business Manager

Graeme manages all business matters and accounts, so we are able to offer opportunities for the local community to participate in the performing arts.


Graeme can also be seen on the stage and has performed with several local theatre groups. 

Danny Willis



Danny was a YOUtheatre founding partner and trained in Performing Arts in Surrey. 

Danny currently resides in the USA and as such, has taken a sleeping partner role until his return to the UK.

Previous Partners

we thank you!



Pat Martin

Joann Epps

Lea Stock

John Sutherland

Jan McVicar